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TU-BA Trade Kft. is a well-known participant of the domestic plastic pipe production. It was established in 1992 as a family undertaking.

Our activity started with producing different types of PE pipes which were suitable to transfer drinking water, gas and also watering or even protection of cables. The pipes produced by us are representing ISO quality and durability.

Conforming to the demands of the market we have expanded our production scale. We have started to produce floorheatingpipe from the raw material type PE-Xb which are able to be used in building engineering and afterwards we have realized the system of pipes from the surface heating and -cooling (wall and ceiling).

In 2009 it was to move forward. Because of growing of the energy prices there was a demand of producing geothermal spiral- and deep boring ground-probes and we have started producing them.

In the course of the innovation not only the scale of our own products have been expanded, but also the scale of the tools (accessories of the cooling and heating systems, and further tools to build in the floor heating pipes). Furthermore we are distributing proper sun collector systems also.

The complete ESTEC solar collector systems and also the Ekobbe® ground heat pumps have an important role in our offer. The listed products have high-standard technical parameters.

Their use at existing or new buildings (public institutes, family houses, schools, kindergartens) demands engineering construction.

Among the duties of our company there is an absolutely new demand of the clients and the users. The guidance, planning and construction and relating to them also the tender observation and credit administration on the spot became important.

To be able to ensure the fulfilment of the above duties as service we founded the CLASTER OF RENEWABLE ENERGY named Mekla Kft.December 1, 2010.  The Claster conglomerates five different technical enterprises so we can fully fulfil the demands of the market.


Our products dispose of the labelling Nr. EN ISO 9001:2000, the permission of ÉMI (a Hungarian non-profit building quality tester), of the Égáz-Dégáz (Hungarian gas-supplier) institute certification accredited by international NAT and also of product liability insurance.



• Á & K 2000 Bt. • No-La Bt. • Ora Innova Kft.
• D-ÉG Thermoset Kft. • Solar-D Kft. • Metall Üzletház Kft.
• Idomok Kft. • Technoconsult Kft. • L2 Épületgépész Kft.
• Mivas Kft. • Légkomfort Kft. • Migép Kft.


Our company exports to Ukraine, Romania and Slovakia.

We hope that we will be able to ensure the complacency of our partners by the help of our growing production scales and our quality products.

Thank you for your honorific attention and for visiting our website.

Budapest, January 27, 2011.



Tuza Attila
managing director
Gabula András
managing director

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