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TU-BA Trade Kft. on new ways

…in the course of using the economical and the renewable energy sources

The future is the cooling and heating system installed on modules!

TU-BA Trade Kft. has produced for years floor heating pipes of silan cross-linked PE-X raw material and so it has a huge experience and so it started with its knowledge to develop the economical wall heating pipe system. The essence of the new generation wall heating is that in spite of the conventional heaters which are operating on high temperature it heats the air of the rooms.

In case of a conventional heating – depending on the inner height – the distance between the highest and the lowest point is max. 10 °C. The temperature feeling difference is significant and it also generates a high dust circulation, which is also harmful to the comfort feeling.

Contrarily to the above the wall and ceiling heating systems are operating on low temperature, the water circulating in its systems cools from 35 °C to 30 °C, the temperature of the walls is max. 28-30 °C and the vertical difference in the room may only be 2-3 °C. The concentrate of the flying dust is low because of the low temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling, and the repartition of the heat is also very good, therefore it ensures an excellent comfort feeling.

Further object was to develop a system which could be built in easily and fast. The product group is based on temperature science calculations. The plastic pipes produced by TU-BA Trade Kft. can be installed by the help of moulded and sealed quick connections. The efficiency of the system is in case of heating 70 W/m², and in case of cooling 45 W/m².

The system uses 35 m long polyethylene pipes, which are provided with the above mentioned quick connections. With the help of these quick connections the system can be connected to the warm water source due to divider units. We can install rails to the vertical walls or onto the ceiling, where we can fix the bowed plastic pipes. After finishing the plaster we install also a plaster booster net, where we can apply further plaster. The system made this way is 20-25 mm thick.

The plaster will not crack, because

  • the temperature difference in the wall is very low and furthermore
  • the installed net holds the plaster.

The circulation of the dust is hardly possible in this case.

The sun and the geothermic energy may be fitted to the economical, low temperatured wall heating and cooling system easily. The condensing gas, mixed and hard fired furnaces are also important tools to the system.


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